??What is the medical term for when ur not allowed 2 sleep?? When u own gotten a head injury and ur not allowed 2...

When u have gotten a skipper injury and ur not allowed 2 sleep wats that called because i got that from a discouraging soccer injury wats the medical term for that? ): Ow it hurts!
Answers:    You have a concussion, and they want you to stay awake so you don't die surrounded by your sleep.
I know it is keeping you under inspection, but not sure if it has a clear medical term.
Concussion is what you get on your head, and you are told to avoid sleeping to prevent going into Coma. Sleep Deprivation is the method of keeping yourself awake. Insomnia is self unable to sleep due to any reason.
an interesting random certainty is that you actually can sleep after a concussion and apparently there's nothing to really worry nearly. that's what the ER doctor said after i had one... yeah, so that was random

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