100x 10mg Ambien tablets lethal?

why do you ask?
If your suicidal then i will say aloud that how would you feel if your mum/dad/brother/sister/ best friend or someone else you care about committed suicide. I assume you would feel very sad, okay as much as you dont believe it now but that is exactly how they will feel if you died. Do you really want to put them through that spasm and suffering?
i know how it feels i have been near. i put my parents and family through hell, they thought i was going to die. I will always consistency terrible for having put them through that. I know the pain is so desperate somedays that it feels like it wont ever end and it can attain unbearable, but it does go. there will be a light of day when you wake up and it wont be as bad anymore. Please call



In the USA or

# National Hotline
# TTY - National Hotline

Please catch help as with medication and therapy and the right support you can attain better.

Once you start to get better you can then start to manage low times as they may come and step. But you can get through them.

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