101 deg Fever, dizziness, pressure within head? Okay, so today I have been fancy bad. This morning, i went...

Okay, so today I have be feeling bad. This morning, i went to the restroom and have diarrhea and i threw up. ive had diarrhea for the rest of the day, but nothing much is coming out. it hasnt be severe though. what i threw up was bile and bits of something, but mostly liquid.

so i went to sleep at around 2pm because i lately kept feeling really nauseous while i was standing around, and i feel like id throw up again and i had a pressure type headache surrounded by the top of my head and in my forehead. at one point, while putting the star on our Christmas tree, i stood up and nearly fainted. it get black and i felt my head falling back but i didnt crash down, and when my vision cleared, my head and body felt hot and tingly. i also feel my face which was very hot which i thought be probably fever. i also felt very achy within my neck and back and shoulders

so i went to sleep at 2pm and slept till something like 7:40pm or so. i dont feel so nauseous now, but i my principal feels really heavy and dizzy and i have pressure headache within my forehead and top of head. my face feels smaller amount hot, and i used our digital thermometer and had a fever of 101degF. i checked it twice to be sure and it was 101 both times. my facade felt less hot, so im assuming that when i first went to sleep, i have a fever of higher than 101.

does anyone know what this is? i havent eaten anything nonetheless and i feel not hungry. ive drank some ice water, which help to settle my stomach.

other things, im on my period, but i dont think it has much to do next to it because ive had it for years and never had these symptoms before during it, except i estimate the sore lower back is because of my period but nothing else. ive feel like this before when i was sick though, but i dont consider its stomach flu either because i had that before and i be vomiting every couple of minutes with severe diarrhea. and i only threw up once today and felt nausea

anyway, i still be aware of dizzy, but well enough to at least write this out. anyone know what this could be? i muse the diarrhea might have been aggravated by some prune juice i drank 2 days ago, but i dont regard as thats the sole cause since i threw up too

please help if you can

Thank you, and I appreciate all your answers.
May GOD'S Favor and Blessings be upon you and your line and home.
Answers:    Most likely it is the flu or mono.
To treat this, you may need to see a doctor, but until after, drink lots of fluids, rest, and take fever reducing medications.

Other possibilities include:
-Acute sinusitis (infection of sinuses mete out inflammation)
-Aseptic meningitis (If you suspect this, go to the doctor, NOW. This can be fatal.)

My best advice: dance to the doctor. You need treatment, these symptoms are serious.

Best of luck, and Merry Christmas!
I have this with terrible vertigo like the room spinning around when I would sprawl down. I threw up only once, but I had fluid in my chief and ears. It was like sinus, but evidently it is a virus. I went to an ear, proboscis, and throat doctor who washed out my sinuses and gave me Pen V which did not cure it. My personal physician gave me another antibiotic for it. I own finished them. The dizziness is gone, but I still have a dry mouth and lips. I also had an earache. It is any a flu or some virus.

I hope yours goes away sooner than mine because I have been sick since Thanksgiving. God bless you and your clan also. Be well.
Okay their are a couple things this sounds like to me.

1) A sinus infection that is causing pressure on your inner ear drum and equilibrium. ( that controls balance) Simple antibiotics will cure this. and you should be on your track to your holiday festivities! :)
2) The stomach flu. Just because you had it bad one year doesn't imply you won't have it a little bit less than the year (s) previous. This is a short time ago one you will have to let it run it's course. **NOTE** you can call your doctors bureau and ask them to call you in a prescription for a medication call Zofran "zoh-fran" <-- how you pronounce it. this is an anti nausea medication that works wonders. it may constipate you though! **END NOTE**
3) Migraine, This seem like a bad one if it is. You can try Excedrin Migraine plus 600MG of Advil/ibuprofen. that's usually 3 tablets. **NOTE** you can take both of those as long as you don't hold a liver or kidney disease that you know about **END NOTE** If it doesn't get better (with help of these meds) dance to the ER and say you want a "cocktail" of Toradol (tore-doll) it is like advil on crack. also ask for Compazine it is a anti nausea medication that does a really good brief. next ask for benadryl it is like a suppresent that calms you down. These medication are a triple combo pack. They will be injected through a IV and the saline fluids they confer you will be good for you since you've been having the runs plus vomiting.
very soon if you don't think its a migraine then ignore that.
If and when your stomach starts to consistency better and you can handle solid foods start the BRAT diet.
Bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast. They are light on your stomach also keep drinking the fluids similar to gatorade.

If you feel worse call your doctor. or go to the ER.

I will you the best of luck this holiday season and hope this helped!
Doctor TAP. M.D.
flu......symptoms.......without the aches?
fluids and rest for you.........

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