10 points!! gum stuck surrounded by my throat? about three hours ago i slept with gum in my mouth i...

about three hours ago i slept with gum surrounded by my mouth i slept for about 2 hours and i dont remeber throwing the gum away but i cant find it i think its stuck in my throat i kinda surface it in my throat! like it stuck i cant breath normally but idk will i be ok some time have passed like 20 minutes since i woke up but it feels like its stcuk within my throat what do i do will i be ok
Answers:    drink some water or some cold stuff to bring in the gum slippery.
Drink alot of water! It should get washed down.. Maybe try some hot drink similar to hot chocolate or coffee or even tea.. You should be fine if your still breathing. Just drink alot of stuff
wow,thats really scary but i agree with Ben Wunderlich.keep drinking lots of marine or any other liquid n take deep breaths.that opening the gum will wash off easily

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