10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!!? Well i was simply sitting down and i moved and it hurt...

Well i was just sitting down and i moved and it hurt my achilles tendon abundantly. I think i am having another flare up. We think i enjoy achilles and penumal tendonitis, but my tarsals hurt also (those are the ligaments that connect your toes to your ankle so that they can move up). I have sprained it 3 times during cross country, all happened at meet. the first one swelled A LOT and the second two barely swelled. The second one healed like the subsequent day but the first two took at least a week. The last one took me out of the troop for the rest of the season and the EMT thought i may have ruptured my tendon. I stayed home the next morning so i didn't have to walk around the school and it heal in like 2 weeks. When it flares i have set range of motion. I have a brace on it right now and that help. Did it just not heal right or is it tendinitis....should i call my doc?
Answers:    DUDE! WHERE'S MY CAR?
Yes phone call a doc.
most certinly,in attendance could be something wrong,and you dont want to mess around with something like that.I would just maintain resting it I know you might get bored,but think gosh we have the computer,and you newly want to play it safe,it could also be infected so yes call your dr.
walk it off. throw some dirt on it. be a man. you'll be okay.

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