10 pts plzzzzz answer plzzzzzzzz am dead worried help ! :(? my son is 2 years antediluvian, when i gave him medicine directly...

my son is 2 years old, when i give him medicine directly behind the medine i gave him 7up is it typical?? plzz answer :( help am worried
10 pts
Answers:    Thank you for Best Answer. I am glad you feel better knowing it's ok to give pop with medication. The only time you don't is if it says on the medicine pack "must be taken with water".
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It won't hurt to give him 7up with his tablets! If anything it may settle his stomach if he burps.

One random thing I have to put in the picture you though, if kids drink a lot of soda every day their teeth WILL rot. My sister lets my nephew live stale of soda and now he's a 5 year old with 6 cavity. It definitely won't hurt giving him a 7 up while he's sick, but those things aren't really good for every day consumption until teeth are seasoned.
Why are you so worried, it won't hurt a thing. As a matter of certainty if he were sick in the hospital and couldn't keep much down they would pass him 7up or sprite, some hospitals use coke when giving kids medicine because they take it better with soda pop and the nurse doesn't hold to fight them to get them to take their medication. When my son was 5y/o his kidneys shut down and the Dr didn't know why. He wanted him to drink all the river he could hold but my son wanted soda pop and they let him have adjectives he wanted. Just never use grapefruit juice with medicine. Soda pop is fine.

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