10 PTS to best answer. Should I got to a Hospital or Ear antenna and throat doctor? Ever Since I Quit smoking cigarettes back in September, I have be...

Ever Since I Quit smoking cigarettes back in September, I have be using the nicotine patch with success, I have not have a cig in 4 months. ON the downside, I have been have a lot of weird things going on with my body. I sleep greatly more, also, I notice that my sinuses have become really blocked, I have resorted to using Over the counter Nasal Spray. I enjoy become extremely fatigued and feel a lot weaker since I've quit smoking. It feel approaching it's a sinus infection because i have a constant ringing in my ears. Sometimes I wake up contained by the middle of the night with my sinuses completely closed so I can not breath. I have Medical Coverage at this time because My company changed hand and in that shift we lost a lot of our benefits!! SUCKS!, So this is out of Pocket. What would be the most inexpensive route to take to getting this resolved? Just run to a Hospital? Or should I just go to a ENT? Thanks!
Answers:    I would go to a general doctor, you may a moment ago have a cold or flu. You coudl try just over the counter drugs for a week and see if you feel better. You enjoy quite smoking and your body can deff feel it, so this could be your body reacting.
Start with a family connections doctor. Perhaps you have been on the patches too long.
Based on what you are proverb, I would say to go to neither first. Something is not right and it may have nil to do with your sinuses or quitting smoking. Try going to a general practitioner or internal medicine doctor and consent to them have a look first. If you have a sinus or ear infection, they will pick up on it and get you the antibiotics you obligation. If they don't find anything wrong, then go to the ENT.

DON'T GO TO THE ER UNLESS IT'S AN EMERGENCY. ER doctors have a enormously different focus and you'll spend at least $800 more than if you go to a doctors office. Also, you'll be taking up a space and a doctors time that someone near a real emergency needs.
Do what my parents did. They stopped smoking, but you necessitate to change your habits too. Eat better, and exercise daily. You inevitability to be fit to keep your mind off of nicotine. I think a treadmill and some weights bad of craigslist and health food/healthier foods, will be a LOT cheaper than medical resources.

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