10 year old sister surrounded by constant pain? My little sister has been surrounded by really bad pain with belly ache...

My little sister has been in really bleak pain with belly aches she have trapped wind and has not been to the bathroom since complains that she simply feels like she is blocked up and has a constant dull tenderness which sometimes goes away for 5 minitues but then comes back for the rest of the time. yesterday is constantly crying isnt eating much either because of the pain. any remidies or suggestions would be greatly apprciated.
Answers:    perhaps she IS "blocked up." Give a laxative, she'll be on the pot for quite a while, but at most minuscule she'll be able to empty out
I have that too but me it was much worse because the pain didn't go away for 5 minutes it stayed and every time I would get through something I would throw it up just get some strong laxative.

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