13 year old with chest misery.? I'm 13, and for the last month and a half or so...

I'm 13, and for the later month and a half or so my chest has been hurting and i don't know why. At first I a short time ago thought i pulled a muscle or something crazy like that, but it lasted for 1-2 months. It would happen every few minutes to hours. I get the impression like i need to rub or press on it, because it's just these sudden sharp pains. It stopped for a while, but it started to come rear again 2 days ago. I don't think it's really a big deal. But then again it might be something. I usually ignore things like this, and i didn't ask anyone about it(i don't approaching to worry people for these things) but its been a while in a minute. Any help or info would be appreciated.

Answers:    I would read up on Precordial Catch syndrome which is a adjectives cause of chest pain in teens. Of course, if you enjoy short of breath you should tell your parents or your doctor, that is what they are there for to answer your concerns.
Well, not to scare you, but I have a heart disease and I attain pains like that frequently because of it. While it could be nothing to worry in the region of, I'd get it checked out, especially if you have any kind of history of heart disease surrounded by your family. It's better to be safe than sorry. Especially since you've been have this on and off for a number of months, there's something causing it.

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