13 years old. Dizzy spells, light-headed, tunnel vision...? I'm 13, and enjoy had dizzy spells for the past 3 years....

I'm 13, and have have dizzy spells for the past 3 years. I was chubby back next and I lost some weight and that's when it started happening. It used to be just dizzy spells, in a minute its dizzy spells, tunnel vision, shortness of breathe, light-headedness, headaches, warmness flashes, and sometimes fainting. I've had 3 blood test, cat scan and I've be to a specialized head doctor. The doctor said nothing was wrong and the test showed nothing. My mom thought I was hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and is making me eat every 2 hours. Its not helping. Help!
Answers:    You necessitate to go to a docter as soon as you can and talk to him or her about it. Ask them to tender you a diabetes test, hypoglyemic one and a anemic test too.

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