15 month old burned her fingers - remedy? My daughter pulled down a touch-lamp that we enjoy on our side...

My daughter pulled down a touch-lamp that we have on our side table, and the bulb burned her index and middle finger, right where the middle knuckle is. She's got a a bit large fluid-filled blister on one of them.
Is there anything I can do to help clear her more comfortable while they heal?

I haven't put any creams on it, I did give her Tylenol last dark though.
Answers:    Bless her, i hope shes feeling well soon.
Leave the blister alone, the fluid inside it is helping the burn heal. For the unclothed flesh, aloe vera gel is good for burns. Milk cream soothes it too. As for the blister, wait till it pops then put some of what i said above on it. :)

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