15 month old, popped blister on finger? She won't keep a cold compress on, but it's a rather large blister...

She won't keep a lint on, but it's a rather large blister and is already very red. It's right on the middle knuckle of her index finger, so every time she bends her mitt, it opens. I am worried it will get infected; is there anything I can do for her?

I've be using peroxide on it twice a day.
Answers:    I have a sneaking suspicion that it make be a good idea to covering it to a stiff peice of thing, so that she cant bend it, then put gloves, or mittens on it, or a baby grow if you hold a big enough one. then she wont be able to run it off
Don't repeatedly use hydrogen peroxide. Use it the first treatment after the injury, it will kill all microbes at the site of the wound. However, repeated use of hydrogen peroxide will kill the good bacteria that are indispensable to facilitate healing of the wound.

Apply a triple antibiotic such as neosporin 2-3 times a day and try to keep her out of any potentially dirty situations.

If the blister continues to go red, swell, becomes painful, or begins to drain, contact a doctor.

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