15 year old girl experiencing severe pain. Whats wrong next to me? So heres how it goes. About 2 months ago i began to...

So heres how it goes. About 2 months ago i begin to experience bad pains in my finger. I wouldn't be able to move my fingers for similar to a day or two but i would just suck up the pain and be in motion through the day. This happened at least once a week. (Also greatly rarely throughout these past couple of months i would wake up and own pain in my wrists but nothing to bad) My mom mentioned arthritis and that's what i took it as. however, things hold just got worse. for about a month immediately the pain has spread and not only would my fingers experience cramp but also my arms. I would just feel very achey some days.and very soon like today my legs are experiencing pain throughout my entire leg where walking is getting intensely difficult.And i know the routine, tomorrow i'll wake up and be in pain after as i walk through the morning the pain seems to step away but as the end of the day comes i will experience the pain again (possibly it doesn't arise everyday) Im going to the doctor to see whats wrong but does anyone think they know what could be wrong with me? btw Im not crazy athletic, but im not a couch potato. And i've been ingestion pretty healthy.
Answers:    There's a number of things that could possibly be wrong. I recommend seeing a doctor in the region of this. There the ones that are gonna have the straight, real answer to whats wrong. So ask you parents about seeing one.
sounds like growing pains. thats normal. it could be fibramglagia, my warning go see a doctor to see what going on, maybe u have some nerves mortal tampered with from ur neck or so.
weird stuff be happening to me like that when i was approaching 12-13 and they ended up just being growing pains..but it worried me cuz ego get them in my chest but it ended up anyone nothing..if it isn't growing pains it is most likely due to mental stress and if it isn't that then it could be from typing on a computer to much, if u use they grand piano too much your muscles can go into shock since you are using the same muscles over and over again
It could be a jillion things... probably. I don't really know. I have really bad hand pain, and my doctor put me on vitamin D supplements because i have a severe deficiency. so, yeah. ask your doctor! (:
It could be arthritis or carpe tennel syndrome. Go to the doctor and give him the bird. Tell him it hurts when you do that. Jk. No really go see your doctor and make clear to her your concerned about your growing pains. You soun stressed out. Dehydrated. Or worried. Don't forget to exercise more. Drink plenty of liquids. Read a book. Don't sleep on that side any more.

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