15 year old hit surrounded by eye with BB now has a macular hole. Please any recommend?

Macular hoe is not a medical term in US. The macula is the region of greatest number of light receptors within the back of the eye. Damage in that area can front to decreased vision. See an Ophthamologist. If you did, please don't look for a better answer here. If you can see this, I suggest you write down all the question you have on a piece of paper and ask your Dr.
Pray.prayer will go a long way
Holy Moly. You should've watched "A Christmas Story." You necessitate to see a doctor asap, 15 years old or 65 years old, that doesnt make a difference....lol
awwwwwh ****,
Show to a righteous Eye Surgeon,for needful with laser surgery.Admiral

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