16 and I infer I broke my back? Yesterday me and my friends were wrestling until my other friends brother...

Yesterday me and my friends were wrestling until my other friends brother jump on top of my lower back. He weighs resembling 150+ pounds and I weigh 195. What might I have?
Answers:    You wouldn't be able to walk! Lol
Are you still walking, if so consequently your back isn't broken? You might want to see a doctor to see whats wrong, but asking someone to diagnosis you is not really a good idea. It could be anything. You don't want to close up with more problems down the road, go get checked out.
You give us no symptoms, so we have no path of knowing. Contrary to what someone else said, you can have a broken back and still walk.

You should probably progress to a doctor if you are having pain. If you are having agony and numbness in your legs and feet, go to an emergency room.
If you suspect a spinal injury of any description, see your doctor. Just because you are able to walk and have sensation within your legs does not rule out possibility of spinal injury. You could have a fracture but the spinal cord can still be intact. However, if a spinal fracture was present you would be in a considerable amount of throbbing. Although, pain may come on gradually and you may be pain free for a while after the injury. When dealing beside the spine, it's better to be safe then sorry, you may want to call your doctor.
The in-depth analysis of your symptoms, pains and other medical phenomenon is pretty impressive. Now, I'm no doctor, but it appears that you could have

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