16 year old have back pain? hi i am 16 and am wondering is this pain surrounded by my...

hi i am 16 and am wondering is this pain in my back majority yes or no i found this pain when i was getting up from my floor my back really hurts and am wondering what the rationale of it is or if i should go to a chiropracters to get it checked out
Answers:    Pain is never usual. Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Most often pain is caused by muscles that are complaining. You may hold twisted getting up or maybe you slouch a lot. Both of those things can aggravate your muscles.

You didn't say where on earth your back pain is but there is a self-help treatment using a tennis globe or racquet ball that works anywhere on your back. It helps the tight muscles relax so the dull pain goes away.

If your pain is severe or continues for more than a couple of days, you might want to visit your doctor.

I hope this help.
you know the phrase "put your back to it" well don't listen to it
anyways you might want to get your spine checked
sometimes that could be a sign of not drinking enough water

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