17, and I've never broke a bone? Is this weird? Well, I've always thought it didn't matter, and in a minute...

Is this weird? Well, I've always thought it didn't matter, and very soon I feel like kinda like I'm missing out on something surrounded by life. And I want to, just for the experience. And no, I'm not some little kid begging for attention or looking some painless approach to show something off. I know it will hurt. I've never really cared until recently, when my little brother broke his leg, and go to the hospital, and came back with crutches, and my dad told him "you're one step closer to mortal a man". It just really got to me. And my sister asked if he cried, which he didn't, and said "Chris (me) would've cried"... which i don't think I would, and she's truism that cuz my brother is much more athletic. And anyways, now my brother is just walking around on these crutches, and he's loving the attention he's getting from everyone.
Almost all of my friends own broken a bone at least once, but it's just never happened to me. I consistency kinda depressed, and like I just need to experience it while I'm still kinda babyish. It's not something I want to do completely on purpose, i want it to be at least a little not deliberate. And yes, I know breaking a bone might hurt a lot, but I don't care about that. I in recent times really want to break a bone. Advice?
Answers:    Ok, so listen. I can see where on earth this is coming from; it seems to me like the reason you want to experience have a bone broken is because to you, it seems like every one else has. For doesn`t matter what reason, your father thinks that injury is the road to manhood (doesn't make sense to me), but don't agree to what your family says get to you, especially over something close to this. Breaking a bone is no walk in the park and it's definitely not some type of right of path into adulthood. Sure there's the pain, but there's also the recovery time, possible psychiatric therapy depending on what you broke, and the hospital/physician fees.

I'm your same age (18) and I've never broken a bone either. In fact, many of my friends haven't broken any bones. Trust me, this is a apposite thing. You might think that this would be the answer to whatever problems your relatives or friends are posing for you..but take my word that if you DID end up breaking something, you would probably look back on this and contained by retrospect wanting this to happen would be a ridiculous thing to crave.

Good luck and stay safe!
Well done, I'm 29 and never broken a bone
That happen to me to. Never broke a bone since i was 12 years old. Trust me not a fun experience. If you have a broken bone you grain like all the "normal" people are lucky. Dude you own to wear a hot, sweaty, itchy cast for what feels like ever and cannot do anything fun similar to anyone else. Trust me, consider yourself the lucky one! You get to go around saying that you enjoy never broken a bone! I wish I could say that. But really it hurts really bad and is not worth you doing something really stupid of late to say you broke a bone. But if you are really that passionate about it, the time will come. Plus it is really expensive and own to go through check ups, scans, mri's, and all this second-hand goods... Trust me.... Not the thing I was looking forward to. Stay safe.
I advice not too, as you will probobly miss out on education!

1. Fall onto outstretched hand - this can result surrounded by either a broken wrist because of the distribution of vertical and lateral forces combined; when children fall they tend to break their clavicle (collar bone) instead, again because of the distribution of forces.

2. Direct trauma, such as being hit by a vehicle (common breaks are your tibia and fibula (lower leg)) or hit by a weapon of some description.

3. Falling down some steps or twisting your foot, or falling from a height - this can either break your ankle or result in a compression fracture of the calcaneum (the heel of your foot).

What not a soul else might think of is people who have decrease bone density (called osteopenia); they might have conditions such as osteoporosis where bones aren't very gelatinous and break much easier.

As far as falling - there's no set rule as to how high it has to be to break something - it all depends on how you decline and how strong your bones are. Some kids fall 20 feet out of trees without any bony injury, but some kids who step rotten a trampoline (death trap) might have a really bad break in one (or more) of their bones. So it only depends.

One really common way of breaking one of your own bones is what we call a "boxer's fracture" which is a punch injury where on earth you fracture the head or neck of your fifth metacarpal bone (the knuckle of your little finger).
"fall" down stairs or jump off something and tumble. I am 16 and have sprained things but never fractured or broke grrr lol
your not missing out on anything!
ive never accually broken a bone either but i know its really bloody (and expensive) and sometimes peoples bones don't reconnect right

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