17 year old foot injury? son has cortical thick of shaft 2md metatarsal seperation between basis of...

son has cortical thick of shaft 2md metatarsal seperation between bases of 1st and 2nd meta and medial cuneiform unusual appear mull over may be lisfranc injury with rupture of ligaments and slight subluxation of 2nd 3rd 4th 5th metatarsals what do they do for this.thankyou
Answers:    See your primary doctor about the injury and discuss steroid injections to the injured area beside him/her.
This is a serious injury with an extended recovery time and the injured foot will be susceptible to repeated injury.
If your diagnosis is correct then surgery is a consideration, it may not provide a cure.
Read my answer to the young at heart person who does not want to tell the coach her foot is injured.
A serious foot injury is debilitating, this channel it will cause ankle, knee and hip pain because it throws the stride out out of synchronization. Also within are results from lack of exercise and loss of general activity that should be address.
Again, read my previous post, I detailed some treatment methods you may find helpful.
This is personal advice about the injury of the orb of the foot and pharyngeal joints; do your research and create a treatment plan and stick to it. There is the possibility of foot pain becoming chronic, this is to be avoided at all costs.
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