17 year old.. Smoking. HELP? I'd say I've smoked going on for 20 - 25 cigarettes in my life,...

I'd speak I've smoked about 20 - 25 cigarettes in my life, starting from when I be about 15.
I'm 17 now and my friends all smoke. In adjectives of our breaks at college they go out for a cigarette and I occasionally have one or have save if no one wants to finish theirs.
The only character in my family that smokes is my Dad and I rarely see him. Probably once or twice a year and that's single in passing to say Hello, so he would hold no influence on me.
I don't want to smoke and my family would be so disappointed but recently I have be thinking that I might start, and I'm scared, I don't want to.

Can you please help me out.. What do I do?
Answers:    if you smoke u die soon
It's all mental man. Forget about the patches and other mumbo-jumbo. Just discuss to an intern who works in a hospital where emphysema patients reside. Ask him about the on a daily basis lives of these unfortunates and you will most likely quit on the spot, as I did. That mental image of me in their place, - every breath an challenge because your lungs have lost their natural elasticity,..hacking into a gauze wad that has to be changed every half hour. Worked for me and the other 20 or so students in that chemistry 1 class at CCNY darkness school many years ago. Hope it'll work for you.
Just utter no! Or if that is too difficult, go to your chemist or GP and ask for help surrounded by quitting smoking and they will give you free nicotine patches, but you have to be serious in the order of quitting. I gave up six years ago using the patches (and a bit of willpower) after smoking for about 40 years and I still don't smoke. Mind you, my rationale was my baby granddaughter - I couldn't smoke around her and it gave me a sense to stop. So if you found a good enough reason to stop, use that to stir up yourself.
4 out of 10 associates who smoke will develop lung cancer
Smoking makes you stink, I mean you smell really really bad, citizens can smell it from far far away
My brother smokes and I still hug him but he smells atrocious
Besides being obese, there is nothing worse you could do for your vigour then smoke cigarettes. Please try exercise and staying hydrated. If you think you might be depressed, you should see a counselor. Have you ever heard the expression, your body is your temple? That manner our bodies are sacred and we should respect how we treat them. Eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, stay hydrated, get proper rest and your body will treat you in-kind with smaller amount moodiness and more energy. Good luck!
Think about the fact that every cigarrette puts crap into your lungs, and puts you at a much complex risk for lung cancer. Don't stand near your friends when they are smoking- second hand smoking is just as fruitless. If you really don't understand the effects and think its ok to smoke, just lurk till you get emphysema. So, please don't smoke!
Im currently 16, and i started smoking when i was 13, when iwas 13-14 i only did what your doing once i hit fifteen i could smoke a pack contained by 2 days.
If i were you i would stop. its a nasty habit, it kill, and causes breathing problems.
I'm glad you want to stop smoking. That's a very adult result so kudos to you. I have a question for you though so I can understand better. Why did you start smoking? Was it due to your drinking disorder? As for getting help, what is most effective is getting away from people that smoke. Peer pressure is tough and it feel impossible to overcome but trust me, if your friends were your true friends, they'll understand where you're coming from and serve you out as best they can. Read up on health risks of smoking-they can lead up to numerous cancers especially if you start young at heart. As for the eating disorder you may be developing, I suggest chewing on lots of gum, that way you'll curb your hunger. I would suggest getting nicotine gum but you have to be 18 to return with that. Perhaps ask your parents to get it for you, it'll show that you are taking the responsibility to quit. At your age, I honestly wouldn't worry about your counterweight because you're still going through puberty and hormones will make your weight fluctuate, just focus on proportioning your meal to control your calorie intake. I hope this helps and good luck.
Well, sad to say the individual thing that you can do is use your willpower. Even for those who want to quit smoking it boils down to how strong you are. You know that you don't want to smoke, so just don't start. Stop having that one occasional smoke, and stop have saves. It won't help.

If you find it hard to resist, win rid of the temptation. Don't go with your friends when they hold their smoke breaks. Just tell them that you don't want to start, and if they're your friends they'll understand. I have a smoker friend who know I don't want to pick up smoking. Whenever I'm around she either puts out her cigarette or moves off to finish it so I don't get artificial. You can ask your family for help if you need to.

Stay strong. :]
I smoked mj for the first time in college concluding year. I really liked it, but I realized that I really didn't go to college for THAT. I also know that I had to keep myself away from bad influence end in my "friends" were doing it. I really like smoking, but I know what I have to do to prevent myself from doing it you know?
I started smoking when I was 15. Just like you I hung out next to some friends and just did it for no reason. If you keep it up you will capture addicted and it will be very difficult to stop. Smoking is dirty, makes your breath and clothes smell and make you contaminated. I smoked until I was 30 and then I finally quit. I watched my father die from lung cancer and believe me, the worst bearing to spend your final years is not being able to breath.
It's good that you have the motivation to stop yourslef from smoking. Smoking causes Cancer and tumours so it's devout you have your health in mind.
You should describe at least one person what you are doing because it's easier if you are confiding in someone. Maybe pocket some gum if you are getting cravings.
Maybe even see a therapist or try hypnosis, because they've had a lot of nouns.

As motivation, every time you see a cigerette just say to yourself "Six minutes". Every smoke takes six minutes bad of your life and just remember that.
there aint nothing to loose im 19 years ancient ive been smoking sence i was 12 and my mom and dad dident find out till i was 15 when i finnaly have the courage to tell them smoking is not the way to go one pack of cigs closing me 3 days now thanks to nicotien patches of late stick in there and try to quit all i enjoy to tell you.
give up then dont moan about ive been smoking for years and if i looked-for to give up i would so bite your bottom lip get sopme patches and take on with it
It's only about making up your mind not to, and sticking to it. Hopefully you hold such stick-to-it-iveness.
Don't start. I have smoked for 12 years in a minute. Wish i didn't!
You will have to stand firm within your decision. Self-discipline, determination, courage, whatever you'd like to appointment it.

Good friends will understand and respect you if you don't want to smoke. If they give you a hard time over it, it will be their problem, not yours.

Remind yourself of the denial aspects of smoking. The smell, perhaps. The cold air when you go outside. The lung tarmacadam. Hopefully it will give you the incentive to say "no, thank you". Try avoiding standing downwind from people who are smoking!

I would avoid making too much of a business deal over it around your smoking friends. Just a quiet rejection of smoking will do just fine. You can still hang around near them, but you can have an internal, personal, unexpressed smugness that you had the sense not to smoke! You can see that they are good empire in other ways, but smoking is a downfall they have succumbed to. Everyone has their flaws. Just don't rub it surrounded by!

And by standing ground as the non-smoker in the group, you will be there for the smokers to turn to if they start to feel resembling quitting. You never know; it might happen.
What is up with that? you need to stop in a minute! i'm 17 and i would never smoke do u ever hear that "saying" smoking kills
The first thing is DON'T SMOKE i am 31 have smoked since i was 12/13yrs prehistoric and wish i'd never started it is a hard habit to break and i enjoy tried and am still determined to be a non smoker one day apart from the ill effects it has on form it is the cost of it if you are more of a social smoker at the moment take my advise and stop that too before you become addicted to a point you hold to have them but ultimately it is up to you

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