18 year old with hip pain - Ideas what it could be? I'm eighteen and for as long as I can remember I've have...

I'm eighteen and for as long as I can remember I've had a 'sliding' feeling in my hips. it cause sever pain. The only way I can explain it is similar to it's sliding out of place (like its dislocating), though I know that sounds ridiculous.
For the past few months I've been getting a misery when I'm walking too. It's quite sever and runs down the inside of my groin and a lot of the time it stops me from walking - not a good piece as my job requires a lot of it!
I saw a doctor a couple of months ago but he said it was nought. I think he thought I was making it up actually. I don't want to dance back in case I bring back the same reaction. But now it's getting worse again. I own to stop in the middle of activities daily and am panicky to go to work in case it affects me. It also hurts when I press on it very soon and quite often even when I'm just sitting.
Any design as to what's causing it?
Answers:    this is something for a chiropractor who is very well educated surrounded by the structure of the body. I'm sure you will get some answers
You need to return to another doctor, and request an xray. There may be a problem with your united.
All medical problems are easier to sort when dealt with early, so straight final to the GP for you.

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