1 year old male, help out!? My sisters year old boy has one testical bigger than the other,...

My sisters year old boy have one testical bigger than the other, like there is a pretty big difference in size. Is this a regular thing? Or should we be worried. Please help!
Answers:    If the smaller side of the scrotum feels unoccupied, it may be an undescended testicle. At age 1, this should have fixed itself, and requires medical attention.

If the testicles are both present, it may not be a problem at all.
He could have a undecended testicle. That will require surgery to lower it.
If it doesn't attain treated he will have a lot of problems. It is a minor surgery.

Hope this helped and best of luck!
Doctor TAP. M.D.
you should be worried
It is most possible that on of his testicles has not fully dropped yet. Ask you sister if your nephew's pediatrician has taken a look at it...more than credible it's been notice and checked out. By the time a baby is one year infirm, they have been seen by a pediatrician 7 or 8 times for immunization and check ups. It is not unheard of for one testicle to be larger than another, just like a lot of women own one breast significantly different in size from the other. ....Please ask your sister in a kind and sensitive road; new parents don't want to hear that their child may have an issue...maybe, "I notice when I was changing the baby's diaper (or bathing him) that one of his testicles seems a bit larger, what have the pediatrician said about that?" You're sweet to worry over your nephew... :0)

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