23 hours straight without sleep. Unhealthy?

Unhealthy but once in a while is fine. Your thoughts may be scrambled after 23 hours but sleep is a magical item and it will recover your brain. However, if you make not sleeping into a habit for a long extent of time, that could potentially be dangerous.
Yes, your body desires rest,
Occasionallly okay, but disadvantageous if regular, alth'o I believe that your body will sleep when it has had enough!
Your mind won't sleep because it is constantly focused on going to sleep or whatever your doing while awake. But im pretty sure your body will.

It depends on what you have been doing similar to working in macinary, staying up late for homework, working late or whatsoever.

Just be sure not to spawn that into a form of habit. It will cause amnesia when you get elder if you have less sleep than 7 hrs.

Drink plenty of water into the subsequent day.

It can become unhealthy, eventually but not for one time.
There are no demonstrated hazards to an occasional lack of sleep, apart from the risks of not one very alert (you wouldn't want to operate a vehicle, for example). Chronic sleeplessness can be stressful and unpleasant and should be looked into, but a single night without sleeping isn't going to do any impair.
nah.. ive gone thru phases of being awake for almost 3 or 4 days at a time..

and its weird cos after a certain amount of hours say 26 or so, i other began to feel alert again.. kinda hyper.. and not sure why,

you'll probs feel a bit drained but its not gonna hurt you

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