23 years old trouble urinating? for the last 7 days I own had trouble urinating. it takes at...

for the last 7 days I enjoy had trouble urinating.

it takes at least 3-5 times to in actuality urinate properly.

I am 23 years old and I have never had a history of UTI's

I enjoy tripled my water intake as well as been taking cranberry pills regularly.

nonetheless the problem still persists. often times it will start and I cannot finish. this is becoming
somewhat of an annoyance for me as it takes roughly speaking 15-20 minutes of back and fourth to the bathroom trying to urinate before I have any nouns.

Because I have no insurance I have to use a health perfectionism clinic where it takes 2-3 weeks for me to get an appointment.

My major concerns are my prostate (although im 23) a UTI or something to do with the variety of psychiatric medications that I am on. I enjoy not had my liver or kidney functions checked in years so that is a big concern for me as economically.

do these symptoms warrant a visit to the er or should I tough it out till the next dr's appointment a few weeks till then. approaching I said before I have been drinking a ton of hose a day and been taking cranberry extract pills regularly.

I also see my psychiatrist tomorrow and plan on bringing the subject up with her but I would close to some input on this subject before then..
Answers:    This may NOT be even close to what your problem is, but, I want you to be aware of this.

My brother within law once had extra skin from the head of his penis start to grow over the hole!! I am not kid you. It was a VERY mild surgical procedure they had to do to him. If I'm not mistaken, they really didn't even call it surgical, lately some procedure where he was given a sedative and have to have the hole stretched to stay open more.

Just don't wait to enjoy this looked into. My brother in law waited till his bladder be ready to burst before he went to the ER for it!

Good luck. Don't rearrangement, OK?
you should really talk to your psychiatrist, because some psyachiatric drugs may organize to urine retention, which can cause some of your simptoms...
there are some prostate related patologies that may cause those symptoms, and within your age, they are more functional than for its enlargement...

go to your phisician
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Good Luck and Good Health

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