24 and have clicking sound in my knees? is this going to be a problem when i am elder? i...

is this going to be a problem when i am older? i don't like milk very much and don't carry a lot of calcium.. i have recently started to lug a vitmn D will this help??
Answers:    You need calcium to go with the vitamin D. Vitamin D help the calcium to work in your body effectively. That's why vitamin D is added to milk. So it might be helpful to you to get some calcium from another source such as: cheese, rime cream, other milk products. At 24, you probably have a long time left on earth - so grasp that calcium in your body! There are also over the counter calcium with vitamin D pills available. I have to pinch them because I am over 50.
clicking isnt too much of a problem,but pain and swelling has well have isnt a good sign, try some not so very deep squats and others to strenghten your knees so has to not put so much strain on your joint
Clicking of bones may be a sign of early bone and joint problem.
Taking vitamin D will help out your body to absorb calcium, but your diet have to be rich in calcium.
It is not too behind time to build up your leg muscles for better support.
Suck in your stomach when you walk or climbing staircases, it will transfer more nouns and pressure to your tights and hip.
Doing the above may help delaying the deterioration process, take exactness.

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