2,5h of sleep or no sleep at all? So I had to verbs an all nighter, and I have to...

So I had to verbs an all nighter, and I have to get up surrounded by exactly 3h. Should I go to sleep and sleep like 2,5h or no sleep at all?
Answers:    provide your body with any kind of sleep/rest so if 3 hours is all you own then take it. The trouble with have such little sleep is that its harder to wake up. So when you do wake up, exercise & eat so your body can re-start, man that you may only get 3 hours of sleep your body will shut off and expect 8 hours of sleep, so a rushed jog & some carbs will help fill surrounded by the gaps.

take the 2/3 hours of sleep, your body needs it
depends on what you hold to do, but I say no sleep. I usually wake up way more tired after a couple hour sleep/nap than of late staying up. Pop in some eye drops to keep those babies hydrated, grab a red bull, smoke a cig and you'll be all set to rock out another 24!

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