27y/o in 2 car accident, mucho shoulder/neck injuries, 40+drs, need help plz!? HI! I'm 28y/o was surrounded by a car accident on 10/2/08 hit from...

HI! I'm 28y/o was within a car accident on 10/2/08 hit from the R-side&my shoulder slammed against the door.Tried physical therapy for something like 18 months.When I was about 80% better from 10/02 accident, 6 months subsequently I was a passenger in a 2nd more violent stroke of luck.Car I was in turned left w/o a green arrow, our sports car was hit at over 60 mph-the impact hit exactly where I was sitting R-side backseat.W/seatbelt on I flew to other side of the saloon.Immed after that accident I had HORRIBLE neck pain(now powerless to sit 10+min).After I couldnt lift my arm.Ive seen 40 drs-sports/shoulder orthos, vascular/spine/cardiothoracic surgeons, everyone!

I have have 8-10 mris, 5 emgs/nerve conduction,evoked potential, doppler&many more.After the accidents I didn't take much time stale of work because I was concerned for job security.Eventually I be forced to take a leave as result of increased severe pain&bossmans "suggestion".So DIAGNOSES:labral tear w/3mm cyst-noone is concerned almost, yet my rtc is constantly in pain&incredibly sensitive to touch, feels approaching stabbing just by touching; diagnosed w/RSD/CRPS(had 3 stellate ganglion blocks); went to ucla, a radiologist who specializes in thoracic outlet syndrome, his mris showed my 1st rib is anyone forcedup toward my collarbone&clavicle forced down compressing everything that passes through; went to 2 cardiothoracic surgeons, even tho 2 docs who diagnosd TOS were positive I have need of surgery-surgeons aren't confident.

Wondering if the tear&cyst in back of my shoulder could be getting worse, as the pain surrounded by the back of my shoulder is.Does anyone know if a 3 mm tear should just be overlooked?As well, I'm curious if the docs r having trouble placing me into a neat box of a diagnosis because I be in 2 accidents causing sundry injuries.I'm still curious if should have arthroscopic surg to fix tear?Also, I know TOS controversial, anyone have any planning?I'm grasping(a)straws desperate for this 2 end.Has taken 2 yrs of my life=(

Thx so much 4 any help! =)
Answers:    Well you asked give or take a few the cyst making the pain worse,I dont think so that is probably the RSD/CRPS it can spread and win worse and cause many other symptoms do some research on it.
Also do not have surgery if you hold RSD/CRPS it can make things a whole lot worse and if the surgeon would have to really know give or take a few this condition because you have to do thing different!
I have RSD/CRPS here is a video I made on it so you can see more going on for it feel free to email me with any questions on this or if you simply want to talk :)
Your situation is complicated which is why it is difficult for anyone here to offer proposal. And shoulder injuries can be notoriously difficult sometimes. This might be of some help.

It is important to spawn an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause, not just the symptoms. Check these sites to try to determine exactly what is going on. You should really see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

http://orthopedics.roughly speaking.com/cs/shoulderˇ­

Shoulder Pain - Exercises

Here are a few sites that discuss physical therapy for the shoulder:

To relax the muscles in your shoulder. To relieve dull pain and increase motion.
Lie on your stomach close to the edge of the bed. Let your weak arm hang over the rim of the bed. Relax your shoulder, arm and hand. Let your shoulder blade relax and drop down.
Slowly and gently swing your arm forward and back. Do not use your collar muscles. Relax them. It might be easier to have someone else gently start swinging your arm. As pain decrease, increase your swing. Initially arm swing should begin at 15 degree angles and eventually progress to 30-45 degree angles as cramp subsides within time. The duration of the swing should initially be 15 seconds and eventually progress to 3-5 minutes.

To relax the muscles in your shoulder, contained by order to relieve pain and to increase motion.
Stand and hold onto a sturdy chair next to your good arm. Bend forward at the waist and bend your knees to help protect your back. Relax your delicate arm, let it hang limp. Relax your shoulder blade and tolerate it drop.
Keep your shoulder relaxed and use body motion to swing your arm in small circles. Stand tall and relaxed. Repeat motion and change direction of circles. The duration of the circles should initially be 30 second and eventually progress to 3-5 minutes. To get a rough idea of the type of motion involved, the image to the side is an animation; if it is not moving, try reloading this page.

http://physicaltherapy.in the order of.com/b/2008/ˇ­

Shoulder Surgery Recovery
Recovery after a shoulder surgery might take a long time. It actually depends, from person to creature, as to how fast your body responds to the recovery exercises and techniques. I judge it could be more than six weeks before you can do many simple activities. Recovery occur in phases.

Phase 1
This is the initial phase, where the person usually wear a sling and allows the muscles to recover. This is also called the immobilization stage in which the character cannot perform any shoulder movements on his own. Rather, the movements are assisted by a physical therapist and all of them are done underneath his supervision. This phase can continue for 5-6 weeks.

Phase 2
After about 6 weeks, the person gain enough strength to lift the arm on his own and can also do some low intensity shoulder strengthening exercises.

Phase 3
On completing 3 months, many citizens are able to perform exercises, by lifting weights around 6-10 pounds.

Phase 4
It is after the completion of about 6-7 months, that almost 75-80% of strength is regain and the person can do his routine activities, without subjecting too much pressure on the shoulders.

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