2 boney bumps on each side of my team leader? It just feels like cut of the top of my skull, but...

It just feels like slice of the top of my skull, but I just wanted to clarify things :P
It just feel like 2 bones sticking out the sides of my head just above my temple. One bump on each side...
I have quite a square shaped frontage as well I've been told. Like, I have a greatly predominent jaw line and stuff, so I wondered if it's just the mode my skull has been built.

Thank you for all your facilitate!
Natalie x
Answers:    This is freshly your genetic make up and if you look at other family members, generally you will notice one or two with the same trait, or even lifeless relatives from photographs can display these characteristics.
From what your describing, I feel you think your growing horns, trust me when I tell you, it is impossible for any human to grow horns or protrusions from the skull which are faultlessly reflected on both sides. The shape of your face indicates that you may have more of the manly hormone testosterone in your body, which usually gives strong jawline and bone structure. Sometimes, this may also accompanied by have a deeper voice, slightly more or apparent bodily hair, but not always.
Just your skull, no worries. I'd love to hear what a phrenologist had to say about it!

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