2 months of runners knee, go away!? Okay, i know you'll adjectives tell me to go to the doctors......

Okay, i know you'll all give an account me to go to the doctors... but i'm just trying to see what advice i can bring back without going because you never know, it could be something really simple that i'm just not doing. Also because i've found past knees injury's cleared up quickly without going to the doctors anyway. Anyway, i've discovered that what i've been experiencing for times past 2 months is runners knee. It came on pretty randomly while i go for a run one time, i had to stop running and head home within a mile of running. It be very painful, even to walk for the subsequent week. Week by week it got less and less stinging. I've tried knee supports, ibuprofen gels etc. I know it's runners knee as its really bloody even when its not at its most painful state when I walk down stairs/hills, sit down for long periods of time, run/walk briskly for about a mile. I've not ran in just about 2 months because any form of exercise irritates it. I tried going running again about 2 days ago, but yet again within a mile it get worse and worse and i couldn't imagine what it would like further into my run so i headed home - go amiss. It simply won't clear up. Any suggestions? tips? I'm going to the doctors tuesday or wednesday either way.

Thanks :)
Answers:    I've had a doomed to failure knee in the past, but that have just been as simple as a piece of cartilage that had broken away. There be nothing i could do but take some anti inflammatory's and wait for it to grind down.
Maybe try some docile exercises of the knee?
It could just simply be tendinitis within your knee. Im a cross country runner for my HS and ive experienced quite a bit of knee injuries. There's not too much you can do for tendinitis however icing it and resting will minister to. It takes a good amount of time to go away depending on how severe it is. Without in reality going to a doctor all you can do is not run for a while and ice it at least 3x a week (taking an anti-inflamatory could sustain alleviate the pain as well.)

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