...... masturbation aid...? lol ok So i have some random questions 1. its gonna be my...

lol ok So i have some chaotic questions
1. its gonna be my 3 year anniversary. any ideas on what i should do?
2. whats a good thing to do when your bored?
3. what do you surmise the best song of 2010 was?
4. tell me the funniest thing that have ever happened to you.. :)
Answers:    Go out with family and friends:) stir to church!

Try not to think about penguins;)

Best song was Does it cause offence you, Yeah-We are rockstars.

Funniest thing ever happend to me was when they made me nd my friend stand in front of the class freshly stand ther like idiots cuz we were talkin while in tardy sweep lol nd we culdnt stop laughing nd made us look stupid tho haha nd lecturer putting a funny song:D
Hahah i dont understand how this is related to masturbation, but here goes!

1. Do something really romantic next to your partner. Go on a hot air balloon, go on a jet boat, step to a theme park. Something that gets the blood pumping is amazing fun!

2. Sing really loudly to songs, and dance crazily! Or lately cook anything you can think of out of the stuff in your house. It can be stupid!

3. 'Love the way you lie' by Eminem and Rihanna

4. For the academy talent quest, my friends dared me to sing 'Barbie Girl'. I had to dance really sexy aswell, and it be the most humiliating ( and fun!) moment of my life! :D

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