Can I help my sister quit smoking? My elder sister is 18 and she smokes. I know that her...

My older sister is 18 and she smokes. I know that her friends do as well, but my sister has asthma which make it worse. She spends alot of time with her boyfriend who is also a smoker (they are both sensible and know the risks) and the majority of her friends also smoke. I really care about my sister but she is only just ever in or has the time to talk to me anymore, when she does it is one and only a brief conversation which doesnt mean much.
I wish she knew how much she expected to me, I am really worried about her and I really want to let her know, but I am afraid of what she would think/say to me if I told her how I feel. Is nearby anything I could say to her, face to face, that could sink within and get the message across that I am upset with her smoking and I want it to stop? She is going to uni soon and I will miss her loads, I wish she know that as well.
Answers:    Perhaps you could point out that smoking aggravates asthma and that this is just the tip of the iceberg but such a helpful comment may in good health fall on deaf ears. She probably feels that she must smoke to conform. Peer pressure is very strong and lots of inhabitants are not capable of saying no. Perhaps she could tell ancestors that smoking is aggravating her asthma and hopefully her smoking friends will accept that. If she quits perhaps some of her friends might quit as well.

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