Can someone help with these symptoms? Ok, I'm 54 yrs older. First, I notice a burning sensation in...

Ok, I'm 54 yrs old. First, I mind a burning sensation in my stomach, then I get really heat, my heart rate goes up. I move to a cooler place and wait for my heart rate to slow down (takes about a minute to 2 mins). Then I experience nausea for something like 2 mins. Sometimes it passes without me vomiting and other times I do end up vomiting. I don't hold chest pains. Could severe acid reflux disease cause these symptoms? Thanks.
Answers:    You can have heart problems without having chest pains so don't completely dismiss that. Like the other poster said, it COULD be problems near your gallbladder. It can also be acid reflux caused from too much gastric acid surrounded by your stomach. You do need to visit your doctor and find out what's causing you so much discomfort.
Usually I google turn upside down natural remedies like "natural home remedies for sour reflux" or "natural remedies for gallbladder". I always find lots of info and only result to a doctor as a ending resort. Actually I would go to a homepath bc seems like anything docs have prescribed in the past...hasn't really worked. But you should do what your gut instict tell you. Hope you feel better.
You may be having a impudence bladder attack or problems with ur gallbladder. call ur doctor immediatly because it may need to be removed. You hold the classic symptoms.

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