Can you request to be hospitalized in a VA hospital? Ok, so I am a veteran, and I have had indistinguishable...

Ok, so I am a veteran, and I have had the same symptoms for in the region of a year now and all they have done is prescribe me pills for reflux. I know in attendance is something else wrong. The pills do not work. So is there any way to go to the ER and request to gain a whole bunch of exams done before I leave (which would require hospitalization) so I can finally find out what is wrong next to me, put my mind at ease, fix it and move on with my natural life? Oh and please: no diagnosis. That will just stress me out even more, and I don't think I could handle that. That's why I did not include my symptoms. Thanks greatly.
Answers:    Stop eating and drinking all dairy products and you will not have a problem.
you can use your VA medical card to pay for ER services...I did it 2 days ago. But I've had good luck at the VA clinic usually the doctor will ask me what I want and instruct the tests.
I asked for an MRI on my back and got it done. I'm not sure what the ER will do, I suppose the only time the transfer you is if you are are really sick and need to be hospitalized next you could request getting transferred to the vA hospital.

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