Can you smoke TOO MUCH weed? On clean years eve me and my friends were partying, of course....

On new years eve me and my friends be partying, of course. We were smoking (weed) and drinking. My friends and I are all nearly 16 years old, and yes, I know drinking underage is illegal, as well as smoking weed. But anyhow, a friend of mine invited her younger friends over. This girl be 14. She smokes cigarettes daily, and smokes weed often with her elder sister. She only had one glass, So I dont want to say aloud that she was drunk. But within an hour or so, we smoke around 6 blunts. im not sure about grams and everything. but consequently this girl just got REALLY pale, and her eyes started rolling into the posterior of her head, like she was endorsement out while she was standing up. But she was like, falling asleep. Im not sure what be wrong with her? But we were FREAKED. I almost called 911 but she kept aphorism she was fine. So I took her to my house, and she went to sleep and she was fine surrounded by the morning. Is this because she smoked TOO much or what? I'm sure it was probably because she's tooooo young and her body just couldnt feel it. but is there any clarification?
Answers:    kids approaching you are the reason this society is going down the tubes
First of adjectives damn you kids can party lmfao wooow when i was that age i was taking sips of beer and throwing them away lol but yeah it definitly have something to do with her age or her body wieght you guys are waaaaaaay too young to be doing these things its mostly your parents fault if i be them id beat your asses to kingdom come lmao and im simply 21 smh ill pray for you guys

A typical friday ey... welll first of all don't freak out. It's not as common, but see marijuana be once well known to be an alternative sedation. Its high concetraion of thc could stolid nerves. So because your little friend is well little... her body took more than a ..pleasurable amount of thc. Let's see now. 6 blunts. I say at your age light-mid blunts... problably 1/2 a gram blunts (thats self generous) at 6 blunts thats almost 3grams.. Give or take you guys smoked an 8th.. how many heads?? Kind of grotesque because the average stoner can smoke 1/4-1/2 a gram at a session it sounds like it was 2-3 in this session thats powerfully a gram per person.... but i can an probably am way offf.. but that feels right... and i know what a gram ... can do to a 15yr behind the times... haha and the fact you had alcohol... yeah man See... Alcohol is suppose to make you stirring like all ultra hyper and ****, and weed calms you down. So when you own both in your system your fcked. You wanna dance kuz your drunk, but your laid back stoned kuz of the weed... so yeah convey her to take it easy... not only did it sort her feel like ****, but man thats fcken emberassing dude... Like one thing is to surpass out and sleep, but roll your eyes and faint and **** fck you know....... anywho yeah
Any weed is too much weed. Stay away from that stuff.
first of all, six blunts? thats ******* ridiculous. no one requirements to smoke six blunts over one night.
second, you cant smoke TOO much weed. its not bad for you unless its laced. the most it will do is perchance give you a headache and make you really tired.
weed puts you to sleep. if you smoke a lot of it, it make you very sleepy.
she was fine. she just needed to lay down and appropriate a nice nap. i know exactly what was happening.
contained by the future though, dont smoke that much weed. its not that its dangerous, its just that its stupid unless you only just want to sleep for like 10 hrs. haha
3leplant is right. She got too high, something that contained by a situation like that is very glib to do, I've done it myself a couple times and scared the **** out of my bf, when your in a group of people and everyone is endorsement around blunts/pipe/bong/joints/vaporizer whip (which I would recommend for any pot smoker, as you aren't inhaling smoke but vapor so its not bad for you and takes away but another point from the pious anti-pot people)its handed to you you smoke it, its easy to do. The most important item you have to remember when this happens is DON'T FREAK OUT! Once you start freaking out its VERY hard to stop until you down. The fastest instrument I've found to come back down is go to sleep, this doesn't work for everyone but it works for me and I can't imagine I would be that inimitable, you may still be high when you wake up but you wont be AS high.
And 3leplant and others are also right surrounded by saying you are way too young to be smoking and drinking, delight in your childhood while you can, save that stuff for when your older and life in fact sucks, cause what are you going to do then when life sucks and pot or alcohol don't work anymore?
Are you seriously asking this stupid question? SERIOUSLY!? You don't know if you can smoke TOO much of something!? My dads a cop and he very powerfully knows that drinking underage and smoking weed is very well immoral, as you said yourself, but can also harm a younger being's body more than an adult's (even though not teens nor adults should be doing either anyways). She could be very sick! Dying! All because of a bunch of dumb teens at a bash doing illegal stuff! I'm only 11 but I know that I'm NEVER going to smoke or drink because in the adjectives I want a husband! A job! A house! A family! Friends! To be healthy! Not to be living on the side of the road living within a box with nothing more but spare change, a pack of cigarrettes, a lighter, and a chalice of beer.
Definitely smoked too much and got too high. She wants to know her limit. Just for future reference though, I wouldn't draw from scared. It's virtually impossible to die from a marijuana overdose unless you have some pre-existing respiratory diseases or problems.

But nonetheless, she's way too youthful for marijuana or alcohol. She needs to develop before she even imagines to try anything.

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