Constipation then diarrhea? I first starting experiencing my symptoms around 12 days ago, i get...

I first starting experiencing my symptoms around 12 days ago, i got constipation and didn't go to the toilet for around a week but later go to the doctors and got some lactulose which gave me diarrhea and also got some shrunken stools out. My whole abdomen seems slightly distended and i lone go to the toilet about 2 times a day near a bit of diarrhea or a bit of stools come out, am i still constipated? or has everything been cleaned out because of the diarrhea? but the thing is i still capture diarrhea and havent had a normal bowel movement since 12 days ago. I also get mild stomach cramps and i rush to the toilet and some diarrhea comes out and sometimes nil comes out.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on what this is then please do support out :D

I'm just worried about the distended abdomen (lower and higher) and my bowel movements
And i'm singular a 16 year old male :/
Answers:    You should get a doctor's advice - there's profusely going on here, more than mere constipation. And if you literally haven't done a s.h.i.t for 12 days, you need an urgent appointment as hospital treatment may be needed - but, please, take an enema first, flush out your lower bowel!
You should stay in touch w/your MD., but within the mean time drink lost of water. It wouldn't hurt to pick up some fiber supplements (e.g. Metamucil or Benefiber...)
sounds like IBS - own you been tested for gluten intolerance?
definitely sounds like ibs

could be intolerant to several things but likely causes are wheat/milk then after a week or so reintroduce the wheat spinal column in to your diet

try cut out the wheat first and see what happens

then try one and the same with the milk

go back to the Dr's after a time and hang on to a food diary
the symptoms you are experiencing do point to ibs but only youtr dr can diagnose you

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