Decent amount of sleep? What would you say is a polite amount of sleep, that when...

What would you say is a good amount of sleep, that when you wake up the subsequent morning you don't have dark circles under your eyes, are still tired, moody, and etc.? Especially for teens. I am a teen and I sleep, the max, probably 5-6 hrs - usually smaller quantity. Is that way to little? Or is that OK?
Answers:    The average human requirements 8-10 hours of sleep, whereas a teenager should have at least 9 1/2 since you aren't fully grown on the other hand.
You need at most minuscule 8 hours.
That is WAY too less but lets be practical when i be a teenager i slept about 5 hours too.
aim for at least 8 hours if you can, teenagers are supposed to sleep 9-10 hours.
It's a decent amount of sleep but not enough.. Try to aim for around 7-9 hours of sleep.

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