Did pushups yesterday, can't straighten arm today? I was doing some yoga, then finished what I was doing beside...

I was doing some yoga, then finished what I was doing beside some push ups.

Now I can't really straighten my left arm, it hurts like crazy to make it be in motion. I've been pushing myself farther than usual lately, but really what I want to know right now is what to do?

Should I stop using it until it stops hurting or should I keep stretching it?
Answers:    I recommend massaging it then stretching it.
Here is a logical point of view
If a runner runs until his stamina runs out and continues to run then he is building stamina.
But if the runner go to far he will die of heart failure or Cardiac Arrest
So massage and stretch it AND watch your limits
Thunder, use the right arm. This is said not within jest but there exists in the body a reflex. This reflex takes the strength of the stronger side and transfers some of that to the weaker side. So by doing some work on the right triceps you will increase the strength of the moved out. This should help to get the arm moving again without torment. I would also recommend that you do some very light exercises with that arm. Do not taunt the triceps but just work it lightly. This too will help the taking back process. It should not be worked hard until you have full movement and the elbow is pain free. This may pilfer a few days.

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