..Grey poop and Blood..? so i go to the toilet and i noticed my poop was...

so i go to the toilet and i noticed my poop was pale/grey. Then when i wiped at hand was a bit of blood on the paper. Should i be worried?

Ps: It Wasnt my Period.
Answers:    Mines all colors but i never hear of GREY!! huney i would go to the doctor and they can help. maybe if u have s.x recently maybe it took the color out of it? lol ok srry but yeah u should go to the doctor!!
if it be a one off i would not generally worry but as you own pain under the ribcage it may a good perception to see a dr

best wishes
It may be your gallbladder. Call your doctor and see him/her asap
If the blood was red you probably hold a hemorrhoid or a fischer. If further stools show black or really dark, then check with your doctor. Or if you preserve bleeding. Don't be afraid of colon cancer. Colon cancer is very slow growing. You might have to have a colonoscopy but those are zilch to worry about.

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