Having lower right belly pain? For about 2-3 weeks maybe for a while longer I have had lower...

For about 2-3 weeks I don`t know a little longer I have had lower pelvic stomach-ache in my right side. I have been to two doctors my internal pills doctor and ob/gyn. I had a pelvic ultrasound done and it came back cynical and I recently got a abdomen X-ray done, which I havent get the result back yet. The pain is through out the time, randomly. It isn't sharp more like an aching or discomfited feeling. For awhile I thought it was constipation and so I tried taking stool softeners like my doctor suggested it didn't really trade name the pain go away and they didn't seem to help out all that much. I don't have a fever or nausea. The niggle is normally right under my right rib or below and near my right hip bone. Does anyone know what this might be? Thanks.
Answers:    if you own not suffered any trauma lately, is a possible entropic pregnancy. where an egg gets stuck in fallopian tube.
kidney discomfort from diabetes. avoid sugar.
I would enunciate appendicitis, but it would have ruptured by now and you would be in insupportable pain. The only thing within the lower right area of your abdomen is your intestines. All your abdominal organs sit much higher - up above your belly button.

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