Having trouble sleeping at night all of a sudden? Our mattress isnt too old or brand strange...and I haven't changed anything...

Our mattress isnt too old or brand new...and I haven't changed anything about my sleep programme. My husband has always been one to stay up adjectives night worrying but usually I ignore him and go to sleep in recent times fine. (Yes I ignore him, he's up half the night worrying just about silly things and usually just gets up and goes to view tv until he gets tired. He will crawl back into bed when he wants to sleep. This have been going on for most of our marriage. We spend our time together and then he will grasp up and let me sleep if he is tossing and turning.) but now I am tossing and turning! I was up until 1 am, both of us awake, freshly sitting there. It's been like this for a week in a minute. I'm not really staying up worrying or thinking, I'm just all of a sudden not tired or comfortable and can't go to sleep and my hubby is over nearby worried about work the next day...so I'm not a deeply happy person because I'm not getting good sleep!

Can anyone proffer any advice?
Answers:    Before going to sleep make sure all electrical similar to TV, mobile phone, computer, including a dig clock & nightlights etc...are turned off completely. These past 2 months I've be sleeping in total darkness and that has help BIG time.(I put dark shades on my windows) or you can use an eye mask. It will make a big difference.

1-2 hours formerly sleep I make valerian, lavander, and chamomile tea (I buy from healthfood store so they are pesticide free). No caffeine beverages or coffee after 1 p.m.
You can also find a good quality vitamin call melatonin & 5-HTP they both aid in sleep. (buy at the healthfood store as well). They are w/o side effects. 5HTP helps get a philosophical REM sleep. Google "benefits of 5HTP" bc it helps in many other ailments too.
Drink lots of "filtered" dampen. If you don't have a water filter on your drinking water faucet; inquire of one at the healthfood store or look around online too. (very momentous you're drinking clean water - (free of chlorine & fluoride).
The salt you put on your food should be "deep-sea salt" from healhfood store. The table salt sold at the grocery stores is very unhealthy. Google "danger of table salt" just to find out for yourself.
For more info on health & wellness which affects our sleep:
Watch the doc films "The Beautiful Truth", "A Poisoned World", and "Food Matters"...you will understand & benefit greatly. You'll also be capable of help others around you. :)

Hope this has helped. God Bless :)

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