Headaches, help please? I'm bit fed up near my headaches for about a week but...

I'm bit fed up near my headaches for about a week but on and off...my headache is close to gentle and bit pressure around the head (sometime) and its not painful, simply gentle headaches but i dont understand why i capture it when i drink herbal tea such as green tea, glass of water, peppermint and only drink 1 tea contained by the morning and i eat healthy foods and fruit as well...but i dont work so i do stay at home but i do the housework so this week i have been taking my dog for a walk between 45 min to 1 hour and half but no headache but after it go and get them again...and i always have hot bath every darkness and relax but i thought it would help but it didnt and im not keen to take paratmoel tablet everyday because its not obedient for the headache, rather leave it as my body have to work near it and i want to know what can cause headaches? sometime im bit pariond about brain tumour?
by the mode i did had a eye test about 2 month and they took photo inside of my eyes, everything is conventional and fine but i do wear the glass only for laptop and read the magazine

any ideas? no obnoxious comments
Answers:    It is possible that you could have some tension in your trapezius ( major muscle on back of neck), when this and surrounding muscles get tensed and knotted it can raison d`¨ētre headaches and neck aches. Try and bring back a massage (Hot Stone Massage is best) and the therapist will let you know if you are tight or knotty. this is a adjectives cause of headaches.
Every time I get a headache it means that I am dehydrated. Start near drinking a lot more water over the course of the day and see if that help.

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