Help me please my tounge hurts? When I went to sleep last night next I woke up today...

When I went to sleep last night after I woke up today and my tounge hurts what could it be and should I be scared?
Answers:    Hmmm describe the pain? is it a sore on your tongue, or the undamaged muscle? e mail me if ya want. I'm no doc, but I know somethings :)
Its hard to say since you haven't given me any symptoms. Are at hand any white spots on your tongue. Does it hurt continuously and never stops? Or is it just on and off. You could have a tongue swelling but I'm not 100% sure. Have you eaten any peppers before you go to bed. That also could be the cause of it.
What causes a sore tongue?

If you have a rough tongue then what treatment should you choose?

Painful tongue is a common problem. Many of us experience a sore tongue from time to time. But what should you do about it if it affects you.

Do you obligation to see a dentist or a doctor? Should you simply purchase a remedy from the local drug store or pharmacy. Could soreness of the tongue or a painful tongue be a pointer towards an underlying disease?

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These guidelines might serve you decide what to do about a painful tongue but please want medical attention if you have any doubt or if your soreness persists for more than a few days:

Sore Tongue:

Is the pain restricted to one area of your tongue?
You should take simple remedies for one week. If the pain persist then please see your doctor or dentist. Your tongue may be rubbing against a jagged tooth or the edge of a denture. Mouth cancer can start next to a sore area on the tongue but this is rare. Canker sores or simple apthous ulcers can also inflict transient local soreness on the tongue

Is your tongue sore all over?
If your tongue is red and painful all over after you should see your doctor for advice. It's likely that you have glossitis or inflammation of the tongue. This can be cause by an allergy or by a vitamin deficiency.

Is your tongue discolored?
If the discolored areas are white or creamy in colour and can easily be scraped rotten then you probably have thrush or an oral yeast infection. This can be caused by one run down or by taking antibiotics or asthma inhalers. Badly fitted dentures can also cause oral or mouth thrush infections. You should see your doctor or dentist for advice.

If you have prickly yellow spots on the tongue and perhaps a high warmth then you probably have a viral infection. Take some simple painkillers and perhaps a mouthwash. If you enjoy not improved in a week then aim help from your doctor.

The advice above applies to people who are within good general health. If you enjoy a pre-existing health problem or problems with immune system suppression then please desire early medical help if you develop mouth or tongue symptoms
If you have be eating a lot of food with sour , like tomatoes, strawberries and oranges they will make little sores on the tongue.

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