Help my fake an injury for a girl? I necessitate to know how to sprain or cut a finger. Theres...

I need to know how to sprain or cut a finger.

Theres a girl i like, in my gym class, for the subsequent 3 weeks, she has to sit out during gym due to a torn ligament. This is the perfect chance for me to go and get to know her, because she just sits there alone all time. I have a doctors appointment soon, and I am thinking to get a cut on my hand, or perchance sprain my finger, so i can get a doctor's note, and sit out with her.

Please minister to me, I really like her, and want to get close with her. This is the simply time I see her through the day, theres NO OTHER TIME, we have only talk on facebook before this, and i want to get to know her in being PLEASE HELP ME

How can I sprain it so it's not serious, but i get a note, or if i'm cutting it, later where exactly should I cut?

If you have any other ideas, please agree to me know

I also thought of lying to the doctor, saying something hurts etc, but then i dont want her to give me an xray,so, if you can help out with that idea, it would be nice.
Answers:    take a knife...cut your finger...duh
Doctors can't other tell what's wrong with you, even after an x-ray. I remember in fourth class, my heel was KILLING me whenever I would walk on it, and I went to the doctors to attain it looked at. I had an xray and everything, but the doctor still didn't know what to tell me. He just give me a boot to wear, saying I could have a fracture, but they're not sure. I guess I did have a fracture create it took about 3 months to actually heal.

Anyway, what I'm truism is that you can just say something's not like they can explain to you you're wrong -- it's your body! You can even use the heel excuse if you want lol. But DO NOT hurt yourself just because you want to talk to some's really quite unnecessary. Plus you could spawn a mistake and ACTUALLY hurt yourself badly. It's not worth it, please don't do it.
cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee :P
and idk haha, dont actually like hurt yourself! cant u just say aloud u feel like ur gonna throw up or something?
If this isn't love i don't know what is! But sadly I have no concept for you. Find something he first day and explain to her your plan, then just find something exotic everyday. She will appreciate the gesture... I think
you're dumb. a cut on your finger wont be enough to sit out of gym... stop self stupid, pleasseee.
Find a different way to get to know her, sitting out next to her wont be as great and helpful to your relationship as it seems.
Bro,i hear u.and for all of u who r calling him stupid,stfu.try twisting ur foot really fast and really hard.if u sprain ur foot,u should know how to get out for a couple of days.
First off, if you've talked beside her on facebook already you CAN't be obvious about planning on injuring urself to sit with her, or she's gonna grasp creeped out . I'm not saying you're creepy, because I'd honestly have thought about doing impossible to tell apart thing when I was younger probably if it was for a cute ample boy! Basically my advice is, wait til a day surrounded by gym when you're all playing basketball or something, and plan it out so you get hit or fall down and play it past its sell-by date like you hurt your ankle /knee or something so you guys can sit together (:

Good luck !!
Ok.........just transmit the gym teacher you feel sick or pretend to trip over the soccer ball or watever your playing and read out your ankle hurts and you want to sit out
You can't sit out of gym for a sprained finger. Not even a broken one.

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