Help please I can't sleep!? Ok it is 20 past 4 contained by the morning It is Xmas...

Ok it is 20 past 4 in the morning It is Xmas in the morning so I will be getting up at 7 I can't sleep and it is really doing my come first in because I am soooo tired I am actually crying right now it's annoying me that much I enjoy two and a half hours till I get up I am 15 years old by the process it's nothin to do with being excited because it's Xmas because I am hardly that excited so will someone please give an account me how I can get to sleep thanks
Answers:    I am never excited going on for christmas, but I can never sleep. What you will never notice is the fact that your excitement is completely hidden. Your body is sort of contained by a way building up adrenalin, because christmas morning is a surprise even if your conscience mind does not think so, you are thinking this subconsciously, your active mind is not aware of it but it is still going on. It is below the rank of awareness.
I guess most people are awake at night what do you except it's Xmas and not singular that the weather fooking shite!!
Reading definitely help, it's exercises your brain and makes you tired.
who isn't having trouble sleeping? i would pull an all nighter.
I know this sounds corny but it works for me every time.
Lay in your favorite position to sleep in and tell respectively part of your body to relax.
(example, say "feet relax" "legs relax" "stomach relax") and so on and so forth. It should do the trick!
It other works for me!!

I wish you the best this holiday season and I hope this helped!
Doctor TAP M.D.
Don't worry about falling asleep so much. If you will simply lie in your bed and feel resembling you are resting. You may not think you sleep and it won't be a solid sleep but the rest is what you need. A restless sleep with your body resting.
If you stay alive it won't be good for you. Lie down and rest whether you fall asleep or not. This is what you need to do when you can't leak asleep. Get rest and the next day won't be the result of a sleepless night.

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