Hey it's me again, i'm 13 yrs outdated, i feel a pain on my forearms? k i don't know how to reply on this so if you...

k i don't know how to reply on this so if you ask me for more details i might not be able to report you, i feel a pain on both of my forearms, where it is coming up to the wrist sorta i get the impression the apin there, should i be worrieed?
Answers:    that sometimes happens to me but within different places. it only lasts for an hour or two. make sure you let somebody know your parents about this though just so they know. If it lasts for something like a day or more i'd go to the doctors. But it could be happening because your growing.
have you done any physical diversion with your arms latly? .... have they been exposed to anything you may be allergic too or toxic?
your merely growing
Are you on the computer a lot? There is pain within the wrists, forearms, elbows and shoulders. It's called carpel tunnel syndrome. It happens with general public who type a lot, use a computer mouse. A lot of gamers have a problem too. Get checked out by a physician.

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