How can i cut my arm stale at home without feeling pain? My arm hurts do how should i cut it rotten without pain...

My arm hurts do how should i cut it off minus pain by myself
Answers:    You are seriously thinking about amputating your arm? Well, bleak news. Unfortunately, there is no pain-free way of doing this. Especially doing it yourself. Maybe you could bring an overdose of anasthetic and cut it off with a hacksaw because the drugs will knock you out faster and it whatever you do subsequent won't hurt a bit because you'll be doing it in a hospital or physiatric ward.

I seriously suggest you stop wasting our time and stop us from answering the people who actually inevitability help.

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get chuck norris to roundhouse kick it
you're having a stroke. cut it off by coughing as the make respectively cut. totally painless.
Well... only just. DON'T.
Bleach is a great anesthetic, so drink about 2-3 cups and wait five minutes until it kicks surrounded by, and you won't feel a thing!
If your arm hurts, you might be deficient surrounded by potassium and/or magnesium.
I think that you should probably not cut your arm sour. Try taking some pain killers. Think about living go with only one arm. That just seem like not the brightest idea ever.
hopefully it's not the hand that you use normally. it would be kinda difficult to cut your right arm stale with your left hand if you're a righty.
perchance get some help? have someone hold you steady while you do it so you dont slip. and enjoy the stove on so you can cauterize the cut quickly and efficiently.

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