How do i stop chewing my fingers? Ugh , I've picked up a weird habbit where on earth i chew the...

Ugh , I've picked up a weird habbit where i chew the skin off of my fingers , as gross as it might nouns it's kind of painful , Could someone give me some counsel on how to stop?
Answers:    easy. don't put your fingers in your mouth.
I used to have a bad habit of chewing my spike but I found an alternative that eventually got me off of chewing what I'm not actually supposed to chew. Every time I get the urge to chew, I got a straw or something that I couldn't actually swallow (and was disposable) and merely chewed on that until I stopped having that urge. If you do that for a while, you might eventually stop getting the urge to chew on your fingers. Just don't use anything sharp or that you could swallow. Really, if it could hurt you in anyway, try not to use it. If that doesn't work, I don't know what else to tell you.
dear, Just apply some bitter juice on your fingers for some 10-15 days....that way you will get rid of this habit...coz it won't attract return with attracted towards your fingers coz when u chew that skin, u feel some kind of taste contained by it...
dip em in tabasco
put hot sauce on your finger... that honestly work it might seem to be stupid but it works
Chewing your fingers is too easy so perhaps you could try something that is a bit harder such as chewing your toes.

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