How do I stop doing this to myself? A few days previously Christmas, I got the really bad flu that...

A few days before Christmas, I get the really bad flu that was going around. I was sick adjectives over Christmas and New Years and I've only just recovered from that dose. Because I was so sick I couldn't keep hold of any food down, except for porridge and wholemeal toast. In the space of three weeks, I've lost almost a stone (12 pounds). Now that I'm better, I can't stand the feeling of being full and bloated. The past week, I've be making myself vomit after each meal. I don't like doing this. But, I can't come across to help myself... I'm not fat either. I know that. There's freshly something in my head... like, regurgitating is something my body expects to arise because I'm surprised at how easily I can do it (coughing two or three times).

Do I need to go to my doctor to give a hand me get past this before it escalates into something serious or is within anything I can do to help myself NOW?

Thank you.
Answers:    yes....go and see your doctor straight away. serious problem.
b4 goin to a doc try dese.. restrain urself frm regurgitating, bcoz if its nt a medical symptom u could stop it by urself..try to break up ur meals, dis would prevent u frm feeling full, but would supply necessary substances fro ur one...if dese dont work out go to a doc, I feel urs is nt a medical situation, nyways BOL!
Don't eat a meal, merely snack on a little bit like just a slice of toast or a bit of soup. Do this several times a morning. If this does not help then you definitely necessitate to see a Dr. It may just be your tummy rebelling from being sick for so long and you stipulation smaller amounts of food to start back eating normally.
Yes, I feel you should call your doctor & talk to them.

If you were that sick that you be having problems keeping food down for a long time, your stomach isn't used to feeling full. But you should not be making yourself vomit.

Please call your doctor & consent to them know what is going on. They may have you eat a liquid diet for a few days to minister to calm your stomach & get it used to feeling more full.

Hope you touch better soon!

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