How long do you hold to wait to take a pain murderer ? I went to a party last dark I drank quite a lot...

I went to a event last night I drank quite profoundly of alcohol, My neck is hurting. How long do you have to wait for adjectives the alcohol to go, to take a pain executioner?
Answers:    You dont have to wait, pop the pill.
you can take a simple painkiller ie nurofen or paracetamol but i would not take anything that contains codeine today

hold u pulled a muscle?
Many people take a pain hired gun for the hangover headache, so taking a pain killer after drinking is acceptable. I wouldn't verbs about it, if your neck hurts take a aching killer. You would be better with paracetamol rather than ibuprofen, ibuprofen can irritate you stomach after a dark of drinking.
It will be fine to take them now but I advise not taking painkillers for nouns ache because once the pain has gone you will use your d¨Ścolletage as normal and may strain it. If you dont take any you will be more carefull with how you move your collar. Just rest it.
at least 24 hours until the alcohol has gone out of your system, as pain killer don't mix very well with alcohol still surrounded by your body

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