I am experiencing arm pain between my elbow and shoulder, does anyone know what it is? I have been dealing near this for atleast a year. I...

I have been dealing with this for atleast a year. I catch a pinching type feeling in my upper arm that does not hurt all the time but lone when a do a motion like doing a left hand layup or throwing a bowling globe w/ my left hand. I can't recall how it in actuality happened. I can describe the pain as a like a kink within your neck after you've slept wrong the whole night, lone its in my upper arm and it hasn't gone away for so long now. does anyone know what this is?
Answers:    you should contact your doctor, he could recommend you the appropriate physical therapy or required treatment, good luck!
thats a docter question
You're asking for a diagnosis and that just can't be done online, lacking a physical exam or by some one other than an NP, PA, or MD. This might be an issue with a spinal nerve. See your primary to find out if you requirement referral to rheumatology.

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