I Hurt My Knee Cap Real Bad? Let me detail you exactly how it happened... I was playing basketball and...

Let me tell you exactly how it happen...
I was playing basketball and i jumped up to save the orb and when i landed(on one leg), my leg was extended completely and the force of my body on the one leg i think made my knee hat shift or something. It hurt really bad at that moment for about 10 minutes. I couldnt walk. afterwards i had a limp. i iced it for a bit. Now it is swollen but no color change that much. What have happened? Should i see a doctor?
Answers:    u fail
wow, the person above.. just fail to acknowledge them.
well what i would suggest is keep icing it, taking it off, icing it. if contained by a few hours you still feel tons of pain, go see a doctor. it doesn't hurt to bring it examined by a professional! explain to them what happened and they will for sure help you. you may have dislocated it, and that shouldn't skulk.
good luck, feel better soon! (:

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